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14 Natural Remedies for Tension Headache – Get Relief Instantly!

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Medicine and Pain-killers can give temporary cure for tension headache. But natural remedies like peppermint oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, valerian root etc have excellent relieving effect, with less side-effects. Many people think that tension headache is caused by “anxiety” and “tension” alone. But do you know that, even too much light can be bad for head. Especially, software engineers and BPO professionals who stare at monitors for long-periods are more prone to tension headache risks. So let’s see 14 natural remedies which can cure that tight-band feeling round the head. Almonds and Nuts Apple Cider Vinegar Compress Basil Oil BuckWheat […]

Is your Head Spinning? Home Treatment from Homeopathy

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If you feel like your eyes and head are spinning, then it may be “Vertigo” or “Dizziness”. Even if there is no body movement and if you feel like rotating or moving then it can be a symptom. You may also feel that the items around you are moving or rotating. One of the key organs that keeps our body stable is in the ear. This is called as “Inner Ear”. This part is connected to the brain through nerves. That’s why the cause for head spinning may be in the Inner Ear. Nerves also can be a cause or even the […]

Long Term Headache After Head Injury – Causes, Types and Treatment

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Headache after head injury is of concern if it’s of long term. Generally headaches go away after a few minutes or days if its a small accidental injury. But the persisting headaches are called post-traumatic or post-concussion headaches. Normally soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have these troubles as they are more prone to such head injuries. Though a finite number of studies have been done on them to relate long term effects, it’s still unclear what the treatment has to be. In a study, it is found that 30% of patients report long term headaches after injury. Headache is also […]