Is your Head Spinning? Home Treatment from Homeopathy

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If you feel like your eyes and head are spinning, then it may be “Vertigo” or “Dizziness”. Even if there is no body movement and if you feel like rotating or moving then it can be a symptom. You may also feel that the items around you are moving or rotating.


One of the key organs that keeps our body stable is in the ear. This is called as “Inner Ear”. This part is connected to the brain through nerves. That’s why the cause for head spinning may be in the Inner Ear. Nerves also can be a cause or even the cells in the brain. Not only these, but sight related problems and high blood pressure can also be reasons for head spinning.

Tumors in the Inner Ear, Infection, and Stress like reasons could cause head spinning. Generally due to travel sickness, people feel head spinning. It can be car, train or plan travel.


In head spinning patients, Meniere’s disease is of primary importance. Suddenly they feel the head is churning. You will hear sounds in the ear. Patient will slowly loose sound sensation. This head spinning symptoms can range from a few minutes to few hours. For some patients, it may cause pain for some-time, but by-itself the symptoms may be relieved after some-time. Patients may feel nausea, vomiting etc.

Even due to brain diseases, head spinning may occur. In such people, brain disease symptoms are also added. Brain tumors, one thing looking like two, instability, and sight problem are some of the symptoms to be remembered.

If elderly people are using medicine for blood pressure, they may feel head spinning. But this may be temporary.


  1. Head Spinning,
  2. Headache,
  3. Sweating,
  4. Reduction in Sight,
  5. Shaking,
  6. Sleeplessness,
  7. Sound in ears.


How to Decide the Medicine?

Based on Pain

  • Head spinning, feeling like bed is depressed – Phosphorus (Buy from Amazon)
  • Feeling like floating with head spinning – Phosphorus
  • Chronic pain of head spinning –  Tabacum (Buy from Amazon)
  • Feeling like you have drunk liquor – Tabacum
  • Pain starting from the back of the head – Gelsemium (Buy from Amazon)
  • If nausea is also associated – Cocculus (Buy from Amazon)
  • With spinning if headache is also associated – Bryonia (Buy from Amazon)
  • Imbalance of feet with weakness – Phosphorus
  • Reduction of Sight – Tabacum
  • Palpitation – Tabacum


Based on Stress, Anxiety, Excitement and Suppression

  • If you feel pain when you get up in the morning – Bryonia
  • If the pain is excited when you sleep – Phosphorus
  • If after motion, pain suppresses – Gelsemium
  • If the pain reduces after breakfast in the morning – Alumina
  • If you can walk only if you open your eyes – Alumina


More Information on Medicines


People mingle easily. They respond to situations based on surroundings. Fear is high. Cannot stay alone. Can’t hear sad news. They cannot tolerate changes in the weather. Bleeding is high. If tooth is removed, there is lot of loss of blood. Food is not digested properly. They may vomit. Can’t talk hot foods. They like spicy foods and ice-creams.

Good for eye-diseases. Good medicine for optic nerve. Good medicine for Glaucoma and vocal  box diseases. Special medicine for digestive system and liver diseases. Sexual desire is high. But can’t do sex. Dreams about sex are high.


Psychologically they will be depressed. Headache is high. Vomiting and nausea is high. Nausea becomes high if they smell tobacco smoke. They don’t like sea journey. In summer and winter seasons, pains are high. Headache with vomitings, head spinning, if nausea is present, this is a good medicine.

This is also useful for qualmishness. If pain in chest, vomitings, nausea, severe tiredness, sweating is associated.


Special medicine for Flu fever. Anxiety is high. Cowardness is high. Even in high fever they don’t feel thirsty. Pains are severe during sunshine and humid conditions.


Special medicine for headache. Thirsty is high. People drink glasses and glasses of water. This is good medicine for Headache with indigestion. They fear about poorness. They always talk about business issues.


Constipation. No thirst. Sudden old age. Confusion is high in these patients. Potato and pease do not digest well. If they eat food from stored tins, constipation increases.

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    November 27, 2015

    Please be informed that my wife had a brain stroke in the year 2010 and she became partially paralitic in the right side of her body. After a prolong treatment of physiotherapy /medicine, now she has improved a lot and able to do her day to day work. But, now she is facing with some new problems like, whenever she is standing or walking , her head is spinning and loosing her body balance. Please inform me the remedy / medicine.