4 Reasons Why Diabetes Can Deflate Your Sex Life

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Many think that with increasing age, interest in sex will also reduce. But this is not completely true! Reasons like Alcohol, Smoking, Influence of Environmental Poisonous factors, and long-time stress make people disinterested in sex.

But there is one factor which is more dangerous than these – i.e. Diabetes. Sugar increases the insulin levels in the blood and causes imbalance of hormones in the body. It also influences sex hormones like Testosterone, Progesterone. This contributes to loss of interest in sex.


This YouTube Video is a talk by an expert on the “causes” of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes, and what care has to be taken to relieve from its symptoms.  

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Reduction in Testosterone

Carbohydrates which have high levels of sugar, increase the insulin levels in the blood. This will gradually pave path to Insulin-resistance. As a result, the levels of sex-interest creating hormones like Testosterone also will decrease. That’s not it!

If Testosterone decreases, muscle quantity also decreases and fat near the stomach region adds up. If fat levels increase in the body, estrogen hormone levels also increase. This will not only reduce sex-interest in males, but will also cause erection problems.

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This YouTube video is a talk by a Doctor of a major hospital on the causes of erectile dysfunction. This will create awareness of the importance of controlling diabetes to have better interest in sex. 

Leptin Resistance

Stop Eating – By giving this indication to the brain, leptin hormone will control hunger. But refined foods, carbohydrates, sugar etc when taken in large quantities will cause malfunction of leptin hormone. Even though fat cells produce leptin hormone, mind will not ‘hear’ its controlling indications.

This will lead to leptin resistance. This is also observed in patients with insulin resistance. If leptin levels increase, the ratio of body height to weight (BMI) will not only increase, but testosterone levels also decrease. This will cause a decrease of interest in sex.

This video is about a Yoga exercise to reduce wrinkles on the body and better increase your appearance and beauty for better interest in sex.


Reduction of Growth-Hormone

When we are in deep sleep, pituitary gland will produce growth hormones (GH or HGH). This causes improvement of muscle growth, utilization of body fat and also sees that there is no disinterest in sex.

But due to sugar, insulin levels in the blood will decrease the growth hormone and testosterone levels. This will lead to reduction of interest in sex.


Exhaustion and Weakness

Carbohydrates, Sugar etc will rapidly increase the glucose levels in the blood. As a result, insulin comes into the picture and tries to reduce those levels. But insulin tries to reduce the glucose levels, more than necessary.

This will cause hunger quickly and creates weakness. Not only that. But Diabetes will also cause the malfunctioning of orexin neurotransmitter which restrains our food habits and sharpness. As a result, exhaustion and tiredness are created. Things to note is that, this will reduce interest in sex.

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    • June 21, 2015

      @Amos: I’m not a expert in this case-study. So better consult a good physician, before you do anything.