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An upset stomach may be of little worry if it’s temporary. But the psychological imbalance it can cause on your brain and body is very annoying. You should know what diet is bad for indigestion problems. You might have gone to a night party and had a stomach full of carbohydrates, fat and fast foods.

But you didn’t think that it can impact you on the next day morning. If it’s Monday, you will have trouble with the office chores. If the abdomen empties, you might be temporarily relaxed, but a long-term diarrhea can have an adverse effect on your body strength.

Woman with upset stomach

Foods to Avoid when you have an Upset Stomach

You have taken the right medication and diet, to get relief from tummy trouble. So you are feeling little energetic and strong. This is the time you have to be more cautious. Choosing the wrong kind of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner can again reverse the problem. So you should also know what foods to avoid when you are having tummy pain.

  1. Refined sugar
  2. Dairy
  3. Soda
  4. Chocolate and caffeine
  5. Fatty foods
  6. Foods high in acid
  7. Spices
  8. Alcohol
  9. Processed foods

What causes Stomach Pain and Indigestion?

There are several deep illnesses which could be the cause for stomach pain. One of it is gallstones. These are formed in the gallbladder which is a tiny sac that hangs out under the liver.

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It’s main function is to spit bile as needed to digest fatty foods. The cause for the stomach pain is because these stones can cause swelling and block the duct into the intestine.

Typical diagram of gallstones

This pain is heavy after fatty meals and tends to occur on the right side of the upper abdomen.

  1. Gallstones
  2. Pancreatitis
  3. GERD
  4. Lactose intolerance
  5. Medication side effects
  6. Diverticulitis
  7. Gluten intolerance
  8. Endometriosis
  9. Thyroid problems
  10. Parasites
  11. Appendicitis
  12. Ulcers
  13. Too much sugarless gum
  14. Stress
  15. Food poisoning
  16. Inflammatory bowel disease
  17. Irritable bowel syndrome
  18. Cancer

Gluten could be another cause for stomach upset problems. This is generally found in wheat, barley and rye. So when people have intolerance to this ingredient, it causes damage to the small intestine. The small intestine’s inability to function normally can cause gas, bloating, mild-to-severe pain and fatigue. This indirectly affects the stomach functioning and creates pain.

When you take food especially in areas filled with flies and mosquitoes, pure drainage conditions, near sewerage pipelines, in bad restaurants, on vehicles with no proper cover there can be food poisoning. This is caused from viruses or bacteria present in the food. It can cause abdominal pain with diarrhea and vomiting. One of the examples is in 2011, where 20 people in 7 states fell sick due to Salmonella from contaminated beef.

Medications are for good reasons. But they can have bad side-effects if they are used continuously. You can have an upset stomach if you take the wrong medicine or too much pain killers. Oral bisphosphonates, which is used to treat osteoporosis, can cause swelling sometimes and therefore pain in the lower esophagus, a part close to the stomach. NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and aspirin can also cause inflammation of the stomach and cause pain.

How to Heal a Stomach Ache with these 29 Methods?

So due to the above reasons, you can have different feelings like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Probably you will rush to the nearby clinic or doctor, to have over-the-counter medicine. But the best treatment suggested will be to wait and watch. This is for the germs or symptoms to run through their course. But taking the right food can ease your situation.

  1. Bananas
  2. Rice
  3. Applesauce
  4. Toast
  5. Soup
  6. Crackers
  7. Herbal tea
  8. Coconut water
  9. Ginger
  10. Drink Clear Liquids
  11. Eat bland food
  12. Try cola syrup
  13. Take baking soda
  14. Drink apple-cider vinegar
  15. Drink mint tea
  16. Get lots of rest
  17. Vomit if required
  18. Take medication
  19. Avoid drugs and alcohol
  20. Use a Warm compress
  21. Take a hot bath
  22. Massage your stomach
  23. Try aloe vera juice
  24. Try Ginger water
  25. Avoid alcohol and soda
  26. Avoid oily foods
  27. Try artichoke leaf extract
  28. Take deglycyrrhizinated licorice
  29. Rest after eating

You should follow the “brat” diet when you have terrible stomach pain. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. This type of food has been used for centuries to calm your tummy trouble. Bananas also have potassium which is could for replenishing dehydration after vomiting or diarrhea. You also get lot of calories due the sugar present in them.

Instead of packed coconut water, it’s best to have natural coconut water when your stomache is in trouble. It may not contain all the magical properties as mentioned on the packing, but contains natural sugar to provide calories as well as electrolytes. It contains Vitamin C and has no artificial ingredients such as food colorings etc.

I’m a good fan of ginger tea when it comes to gas, bloating, acidity and tummy pain. Though there is no strong scientific evidence to prove that it works for an upset stomach, but is generally preferred when you have acidity problem. It’s an Indian spice used widely across Asia and preferred as a cuisine ingredient. You can chew raw ginger or add some chippings to your herbal tea.

Upset Stomach with Diarrhea – What should you do?

Gastroenteritis  (an intestinal infection during rainy season) is a common disease in India. Food gets contaminated and bacteria, viruses thrive on it. You may experience frequent and severe stomach pain with diarrhea which could be a serious condition.

Sometimes the upset stomach could be due to an allergic reaction to a certain type of food. Crohn’s disease (chronic condition which causes the GI (gastro intestinal) tract to become larger) can also be one of the causes for upset stomach which also gives diarrhea.

You should be on clear liquids when you have these symptoms. Electrolyte powder which is a mix of salt and sugar should be taken from time to recover the loss of fluids in the body when you have diarrhea.

Don’t get excited to get back to spicy and greasy foods. Also, most of the Indian food is spicy which US and Western country people may not be able to digest. You should restrict yourself to bland diet. The BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast) diet is commonly recommended by doctors for adults and children.

Does Burnt Toast Help an Upset Stomach?

According to this article on Health.com,  it is found that burnt toast is good for relieving stomach pain. It is one of the ingredients of the BRAT diet. It also doesn’t cause acid reflux. It also doesn’t sit in the stomach like fatty foods or greasy foods. But don’t apply butter and jam, until you feel better.

burnt toast-good-for-stomach-upset

Is Coffee a Remedy for an Upset Stomach?

As you have observed the above foods (provided by Health.com) which are to be avoided when you have stomach pain, it becomes clear that caffeine is a bad NO-NO. The coffee which contains the chemical caffeine causes irritation to the stomach and can relax the lower esophageal sphincter. But this causes acid-reflux.

Caffeine not good for upset stomach

[Image Source: Health.com]

Another con with coffee is that it can loosen stools. This can be an aggravated situation if you are already have diarrhea and vomiting. Another reason is that the chocolates which contain coffee flavor, can contain milk products or nut which can be difficult to digest.

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