Symptoms of Gastric Ulcer – Summary of Common and Severe

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Gastric ulcer is also called by the name Peptic ulcer, if it occurs in the stomach. Generally it refers to painful sores or ulcers in the lining of the first part of the small intestine, called the duodenum.

The main culprit behind an ulcer is due to an imbalance between digestive fluids in the stomach and duodenum.

Bleeding due to Gastric Ulcers

Severe cases, there will be bleeding – major symptom of Gastric Ulcer

Peptic Ulcer could have minor and major symptoms. Sometimes they could be no symptoms. The common indications of gastric ulcer are gnawing or burning pain below the breastbone, vomiting, bloating and dark stools. Consult a doctor when the symptoms become serious and life-threatening.

Some common symptoms may look like this –
Twisted or killing pain in the upper abdomen after meals or after dinner – This occurs just below the breastbone. It is not constant. Pain can be relieved if you take antacid tablets. But if you take any food, the pain will become worse. This can also wake you up from sleep.
Bloated Stomach – Particularly after meals you may feel “full”.
Heartburn in the Chest
Abdominal Pain – This is common to many gastric diseases. The nature of pain can vary from person to person. Sometimes, people have no pain. The pain can also extend to your back.
Vomiting Sensation
Drinking fluid may become problematic
Mild nausea
H pylori infection – Due to this, the symptoms remain for long. Unless the “bacteria” or “fungus” is cleared, the pain doesn’t subside.
Feeling Sick
Flare at night
Temporary relief by eating certain foods – This is because they buffer stomach acid. Also taking anta-acid medication could see some reduction in pain.
Recurring Pain – Abdominal pain disappears for some-time and returns back again.

Minor symptoms of Peptic Ulcer

A representation of the symptoms that start gastric ulcer

Sometimes lining of the stomach may get ruptured. Then acids and food may enter into the cavity and can cause severe pain. In such cases there could be serious symptoms like

Dark colored, generally black stools (due to rupture)
Blood in the vomit (called “coffee-grounds”)
Decrease in weight
Bleeding ulcer – This causes leakage of blood from the intestinal portion. This is the major symptom of an ulcer.
Slow bleeding – The result is low blood cell count (also called anemia) – This could cause tiredness, lack of energy, weakness, rapid heartbeat and pale skin.
Unbearable pain in first portion of the abdomen.

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I found several other resources on the Internet, which describe the symptoms of gastric ulcer. They all point in the same direction, but minute differences in the language used.

H-Pylori Infection - Gastric Ulcer

Representation of H-Pylori infection as a cause for severe gastric ulcer

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