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What are the Foods for Gastric Problems that reduce Acidity?

What food you take determines your health. Same is the case with gastric problems. First you need to diagnose the causes of gastritis and then apply the right medicine. Gastric pain is mainly caused by culprits like infectious microorganisms, injury, food poisoning, food intolerance, excessive alcohol consumption, caffeine or continuous use of pain killers.


What are the Natural Remedies ?

Homeopathic medicines are safe to use and gentle within the body without unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines. Selected medicines in the right proportions like Calc phos, Carbo veg, Nat phos, Mag carb and Silicea help to absorb poisonous substances in the body. They act as a catalyst in neutralizing acid in the stomach and calm the digestive system by acting as an internal cleanser.


Eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants. They support the body to resist and heal diseases and infection. They are also high in fiber and help in recovering from stomach ulcers and also prevent the occurrence of one.

Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce the acid reflux and calms the stomach and helps in easy digestion. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, which reduce acid environment in the body.

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Chemical medicines might toxify the body. Using natural herbs are good remedies. Peppermint calms the stomach. Licorice when taken coats the stomach with a protective gel and prevents the attack from gastric acid.

Rice is the only grain that does not induce gas production. But if you are experiencing bloating and gas pain, its better to replace your grains with brown rice, basmati rice or wild rice.

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Soy based milk alternative is good for lactose intolerant people. Soy protein is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids that your body requires.

Some Good Food Habits

LiveStrong reports that the basic principle of reducing acidity in the stomache is to consume small frequent meals rather than 3 large meals in a day. Small amounts of food are less burdensome on the stomache and will require less acid secretion.


Mayo Clinic states that chewing food slowly and thoroughly can reduce acid reflux. Being relaxed can also promote easy of digestion. Staying up without going to bed while eating and 1 hour afterward will cause the food to go into the stomache without causing back flow.

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Avoid eating before going to bed. Eating before bed time can cause secretion of gastric acid during the night. If too many problems occur due to acidity during the night, its best to elevate the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches.

Eating alkaline foods like fresh green vegetables, fruit, healthy nuts, seeds and oils and soy products can be an antidote for acidic body conditions. Raw food and plenty of clean water should be part of regular diet.

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Don’t smoke a cigarette after meals. If you are a alcoholic stop drinking beer. Even if you take other beverages, don’t take with soda.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Indian traditional cure for bloating and acidity. Two tips are mentioned in a magazine.

Tip #1

Mix the following herbs in equal quantities into powder (also called “churnam)

  • Carom Seeds
  • Dried Ginger
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Long Pepper

Daily take half-spoon powder and another half-spoon with jaggery in the morning and evening. This will reduce gastric problems.

Tip #2

If you eat 4 mint leaves daily, digestive system will improve.

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The foods to avoid for gastric problems are fried food, processed food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, meat etc. Eating rice, fruits and vegetables, soy products can reduce acidity and keep your stomache more alkaline.

Also regularly cleaning your digestive system naturally from time to time will reduce the bad bacterial. Also undergoing liver detox reduces the toxin load on the liver.

Do you have gastric problems? What type of foods do you consume? What type of food you avoid? Please comment and share your thoughts!

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Palla Sridhar

Associate Professor in Civil Engineering
I completed my Masters from IIT Kanpur, INDIA. Previously worked for different software companies like TCS, MSS, EDIS etc, before landing in Teaching job. In 2000, I was diagnosed with Thyroid and life changed much. Lately I'm suffering from Diabetes, Gastric, Headache and other related problems. My Experience as a "patient" led me to Blogging. I write Health articles based on Internet research and local knowledge. I'm NOT a Doctor nor a specialist.
What are the Foods for Gastric Problems that reduce Acidity?
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  • seena

    i cant digest the food easily.i feel like vomiting eating during day time.can u plz suggest some medicine that cures acidity.

  • Ankit

    I have a gastric problem at last one year.,and i couldn’t able to eat any thing,feeling vomiting sensation,
    rectify this problem

  • Dear sir,
    I am 24 year old and since last 15 days i am having unbearable pain above my navel after having food.doctor suggested for some medicine but still its paining.
    Please suggest me what to do for this.

  • shuaib sani shuaib

    I have gastric problem, I can’t eat beans and milk I get pain but I feel easy and simple if I eat salad, cabbage, potato and orange….advise me

  • ashok

    im 35 diabetic full energetic.i hav drinking habit since 15 years. i gave up alcohol from 2 months since then im not getting proper digestion. gas releasing at night time.pls tell me wat to eat for proper digestion

  • lipen kikon

    Needs urgent advice “Gastritis problem”
    Sir, went for an endoscopy the report shows unhealthy, due to the acid which burnt my upper abdomen and ultimately it results in very bad digestion, weakness, unable to breath, and sleepless nights my health is beyond deteriorating. Sir any remedial measures suggest me also Iam suffering since 3-4 years but due to my reckless I couldn’t even able to take care of my health. Thank you!

    • @lipen kikon: Stop all bad habits if you have any. Then try some jogging or walking everyday for atleast 45 minutes. Then taking the right foods mentioned in the above article and others for gastric problem. Drink more water, relax and have no stress. You should recover fast. Do some yoga also.

  • narasingh sahu

    Namaskar sir.I have gastric problem from 15april 2015.I take rice in my meal regularly. I had took allpathic medicine.but again I felt same problem right now. What I do please sir tel me.

    • @narasingh sahu: Please message me your age, habits, work nature and current medicine. Are you having bloating?

  • kles

    Sir, pls I feel acid movement in my stomach and pain in my abdomen..wen I play ball, my breathing becomes difficult at a point and I feel a continous sharp pain around my lower rib region..pls help me..i also experience a lower back pain

  • Kritanjali

    Im 20 yrs old n im suffering from gastric since 2 yrs.Doctor always pescribes me gastric pills but after i discontinue taking its appears again. Currently im having OD omniprazole capsules so is it ok if i take this medicine every morning.Does it have any side effects? Plz do reply.

  • yogi

    i have gas problem when i have beef
    and meat than my stomache pain very much why i cant digest meat and beef.
    i cant take food

    • @yogi: Our human digestion system (mainly Indian) is good for vegetarian only. So some people can’t digest that. But you can try some antacids and mild exercise as a routine.

  • archana khare

    Sir, mainly since 1 year if i didn’t had breakfast headache starts n after so long wen u had something to eat.. I vomit. Which is too acidic n gas relieves from my stomach.. I dont have arhar daal n so many acidic food.. BBut it occurs mainly in a week.. N sometimes i had medcines rantac 150 now from 3 to 4 days i cant able to eat anything i usually vomit watever i take.. What is d problem n what i has to do???

    • Basically, you are having acidity. But don’t skip breakfast and lunch. Take in-time. Also do some mild yoga with good fruit juices (without sugar).

  • i am facing problem with accidity and what ever food i eat that not dijesting me. am using one painceller tablete (combiflam) every day since 6years for my handpain.am 26 years age. my schooldays unwards am using painkiller tablet. if not using tablet icont sleep and much my hand is painfull. plese healp mee. solve my life problem

    • @p.devender reddy: Sorry to see your state. But too much use of painkiller can increase acidity and gas pain. Better stick to natural remedies and follow simple life style. This includes taking food in-time, daily doing some exercise like brisk walking for 20 to 30 min, drinking water early in the morning, having constant amount of butter milk. etc. Find the allergic foods that cause acidity and avoid them. You can also take PPIs like esomeprazole, lansoprazole, omeprazole, pantoprazole and rabeprazole, which come in various different brand names. But first consult a good gastero-enterologist before taking any medicine.

  • Ahmed

    I have more than 7 years Gastric i had 2 months vomiting and diarrhea
    and heartburn toomuch 2015 i think gastric increased he damaged my lips
    up und down lips don’t have skin its to red and painful every times i feel
    heat from my stomach i took medicine pantoprazol
    but some days ifeel middle stomach pain ican walk and its difficult to breath
    Give me advice Dr,palla sridhar thank you so much

  • nabin tamng

    sir I’m 22 years old. I have a gastric problem. my stomach pains time to time in a day..n sometimes at night. it started before 3 months I have consulted with doctor n took a medicine about 2 month but I don’t stop. I have a endoscopy it shows healing ulcer.so now what should I do to cure it..please help me..

    • @nabin tamng: I’m not a doctor to prescribe you medicine. But what I can suggest is some good diet tips found on the Internet. Flavonoids are good for ulcers, as research suggests. These include – soybeans, legumes, red grapes, kale broccoli, apples, berries, and teas, especially green tea. A vitamin-rich diet is good for your health. You should AVOID –

        coffee, including decaf
        carbonated beverages
        spicy food
        high-sugar foods
        processed foods
        salty red meats

      Better consult your doctor if anything irritates your stomach. BTW, read the disclaimer below before you follow my suggestions. :)

  • Hellow guyzzz
    I m only 16 yrs n i got gastric problem
    Plzzzzz guyzzzz
    Help me………..!!!!!!! To cure my problem ;{;{
    Plzzzzz frndzzzz……. Give me tips

    • @Kuru: There is no magic potion for gastric. Medicine will help only temporarily. Meanwhile, you have to make dietary changes, exercise and proper timing with good liquid diet. Hope that helps. :)

  • Steve

    Whenever I don’t have rice in the afternoons I get acidity. Any reason for this.
    Am trying to reduce weight and reduce my sugar levels so I have been trying to skip rice during the afternoons but then I end up feeling uncomfortable with a feeling of acidity developing.
    I take an anta acid to relieve me but not sure if this good.
    I have been a rice eater historically and whoever I speak to including doctors feel that that there is no relationship between acidity and eating rice in the afternoons though I must admit that eating rice gives me a good digestion.
    Have you come across cases of this sort.
    Kindly advise. Thanks

    • @Steve: I have exactly the same problem.. My intuitive suggestion is, don’t skip rice daily in the afternoon and also don’t take antacid tablets. Just adjust your diet. Like for example, take rice on alternate days. Though I don’t heed to doctors saying about proof, I also feel that rice gives good digestion than wheat. But each has its own pros and cons. So to have a healthy sugar level and minimum acidity problems, just adjust your rice content and make a dairy of how you feel. Then you can stick to that meal plan. Also, brown rice or un-refined rice is more healthier (as also supported in Ayurvedic preachings). :)

  • Ah Pao

    is milk, natural milk good for gastric, Sir?
    i’ve been feeling stomach pain for 4 years!
    plz give me answer, Sir!

    • @Ah Pao: Milk over a long term, is not good for gastritis (based on Internet answers). Initially, it eases your gastric problem, but the protein in it causes problems later. So avoid milk high in protein. But you can take low-carb milk, in small quantities.

  • ganesh n

    I’m working company frim the period 5 years.effecting gastric trouble and stop company food but coming gastric trouble what problem sir cure immediately plz give me idea

  • kharthi

    sir i have gastric problem from my age 14 till now i ate many medicine but still problem take place and free motion also from my childhood what type of medicine i can take and how to cure

  • rimal ritesh nand

    Hi sir,I’m 24 n I’m suffering from sleeve gastric and it has just started,it is very painful n im also having short breath so pliz help me in dis sutition….give me sum herbal ideas

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