What are the Foods for Gastric Problems that reduce Acidity?

What food you take determines your health. Same is the case with gastric problems. First you need to diagnose the causes of gastritis and then apply the right medicine. Gastric pain is mainly caused by culprits like infectious microorganisms, injury, food poisoning, food intolerance, excessive alcohol consumption, caffeine or continuous use of pain killers.


What are the Natural Remedies ?

Homeopathic medicines are safe to use and gentle within the body without unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines. Selected medicines in the right proportions like Calc phos, Carbo veg, Nat phos, Mag carb and Silicea help to absorb poisonous substances in the body. They act as a catalyst in neutralizing acid in the stomach and calm the digestive system by acting as an internal cleanser.


Eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants. They support the body to resist and heal diseases and infection. They are also high in fiber and help in recovering from stomach ulcers and also prevent the occurrence of one.

Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce the acid reflux and calms the stomach and helps in easy digestion. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, which reduce acid environment in the body.

Chemical medicines might toxify the body. Using natural herbs are good remedies. Peppermint calms the stomach. Licorice when taken coats the stomach with a protective gel and prevents the attack from gastric acid.

Rice is the only grain that does not induce gas production. But if you are experiencing bloating and gas pain, its better to replace your grains with brown rice, basmati rice or wild rice.

Soy based milk alternative is good for lactose intolerant people. Soy protein is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids that your body requires.

Some Good Food Habits

LiveStrong reports that the basic principle of reducing acidity in the stomache is to consume small frequent meals rather than 3 large meals in a day. Small amounts of food are less burdensome on the stomache and will require less acid secretion.


Mayo Clinic states that chewing food slowly and thoroughly can reduce acid reflux. Being relaxed can also promote easy of digestion. Staying up without going to bed while eating and 1 hour afterward will cause the food to go into the stomache without causing back flow.

Avoid eating before going to bed. Eating before bed time can cause secretion of gastric acid during the night. If too many problems occur due to acidity during the night, its best to elevate the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches.

Eating alkaline foods like fresh green vegetables, fruit, healthy nuts, seeds and oils and soy products can be an antidote for acidic body conditions. Raw food and plenty of clean water should be part of regular diet.

Don’t smoke a cigarette after meals. If you are a alcoholic stop drinking beer. Even if you take other beverages, don’t take with soda.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Indian traditional cure for bloating and acidity. Two tips are mentioned in a magazine.

Tip #1

Mix the following herbs in equal quantities into powder (also called “churnam)

  • Carom Seeds
  • Dried Ginger
  • Cumin Seeds
  • Long Pepper

Daily take half-spoon powder and another half-spoon with jaggery in the morning and evening. This will reduce gastric problems.

Tip #2

If you eat 4 mint leaves daily, digestive system will improve.


The foods to avoid for gastric problems are fried food, processed food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, meat etc. Eating rice, fruits and vegetables, soy products can reduce acidity and keep your stomache more alkaline.

Also regularly cleaning your digestive system naturally from time to time will reduce the bad bacterial. Also undergoing liver detox reduces the toxin load on the liver.

Do you have gastric problems? What type of foods do you consume? What type of food you avoid? Please comment and share your thoughts!

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Palla Sridhar

Associate Professor in Civil Engineering
I completed my Masters from IIT Kanpur, INDIA. Previously worked for different software companies like TCS, MSS, EDIS etc, before landing in Teaching job. In 2000, I was diagnosed with Thyroid and life changed much. Lately I'm suffering from Diabetes, Gastric, Headache and other related problems. My Experience as a "patient" led me to Blogging. I write Health articles based on Internet research and local knowledge. I'm NOT a Doctor nor a specialist.

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  • Dear concerns

    I have a problem in digestive system when I eat some food then I feel weakness at in body in eating time . Please help me my contact no. 9990136416

  • Issak Madeena RahamaTullah

    I have gastric problem, so please suggest me the vegetables that should eat reguarly

  • palivelapraveen

    Please help me for gastric problem digestion.

    • Palla Sridhar

      @Praveen: Drink more water. Also don’t eat spicy foods. Use lot of butter-milk. If possible use Rabesec-20mg. It gives good relief for bloating. Let me know if this helps. Also use natural remedies more than artificial remedies.

  • shaik yaseen

    dear sir
    i have Erosive Antral Gastritis so please suggest me the vegetables that should eat reguarly which medicine use please tell me sir

  • babita

    i have gastric problem from last 1 year, please suggest me which food is good for gastric digestion and in morning which food eat regularly,

    • elenani nalewabau

      I have gastric and it rilly hurts from the inside,sometimes I don’t feel like eating ..so please if you prescribed me some healthy tips of which food to eat or not to eat…

      • @Elenani: Drink more water daily. Lie down for some-time. Don’t exhaust yourself quickly.. Take proper rest….Also ginger root tea is good and chew enough gum while eating. Mustard taking in raw also could help..Take 3-4 almonds after each meal.. Mainly relax yourself with healthy exercise. :)

  • babita

    i have gastric problem from last 1 year, please suggest me which food is good for gastric digestion and in morning which food eat regularly, is green gram is good for gastric please suggeat

    • @babita: Thanks for commenting. Sprouted green grams are good for health. Also taking some gastric tablet in the early morning reduces bloating. Drink lot of buttermilk in the morning. More liquids and soft foods help to soothen during the start of gastric pain.

  • kiryi Potom

    I am a gastric patient. What food items to consume or not to consume.
    Mostly paining in the stomach is happen in the night around 1-3 am.
    Kindly suggest me, I am trying to get relief from this problem but couldn’t. It’s serious matter.

    • kalid

      gastroble u eat 6 pm work sloly dont eat tomouch ovaid tension eat slowly grind food sloly dont wast energy taking more food

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  • My gestic problems solve me.

  • karticko

    i am suffering from gastic problem for last 4 yrs , daily i use to vomit early in morning which hurt a lot from inside will u pls suggest me

    • Palla Sridhar

      @Kartick: Take proper medicine and remove any causes from other problems. You can also take carrot and mint juice, rice tea, burnt toast, apple cider vinegar, crap diet like cherries, apricots, prunes etc, yogurt, caraway seeds, fennel, heat, etc which are good natural remedies for gastric pain with vomiting. Also take lot of water and don’t be on empty stomach for long. Take ginger frequently in the morning which will help in the long-run.

  • Gemma

    What should I do? Just took the ultrasound and blood test result all negative.but really stomach pain specially in upper right part…they gave only for Gastric pills.

  • Shankar Chinju

    Am 26yrs old i feel like my stomach has bad bacterial even if i eat rice it creates gas my stomach go big. Finding a way to clean my stomach? Also would like to which are the vegetables that does nt form gas.

  • uma

    I have a stomach pain that comes and goes and gas and bloating , i took the gastric tablets also but no results, Please help me sir

  • RJ P Gupta

    I feel irritation like burn in back of stomach and moving round back portion, some times sleep disturbed in the mid night. No burning ,pain in chest. Stool two times in morning regular. Stool test reports acidic and semi digested food. I also suffered from depression in 2006. That time also gas formation and sound in stomach was one of the symptom. Is it gastric or something else. All reports like endoscopic and clonoscopic are normal. Pl. Advice remedy.

  • palla ramarao sir, iam suffuring with gastric problem and giving pain also in stomock and vomiting sensation also pl. give ur suggetion

    • @perumalla srinivas: If it’s serious check with a doctor. But as remedy you can try these herbs.


      Also take ginger tea, warm lemon water whenever possible.
      Also what are your food habits, work and any bad habits?

  • BABU K

    Iam having gasteric problem some time i am waking form my sleed that time if i eat some food it gets relaxed so my question is cna i control and cure this problem with normal food practice

    • @BABU K: Are you have diabetes? Please check your sugar levels at the nearest clinic!

  • ari

    sir to me digestion problem and heartburning.is this danger sir.

  • rishabh

    Hi Palla,

    Having distestation problem. what should I eat . whatever I eat my tummy swells & pain. Even my empty stomach also swells & pain. Any exercises that could also help.

  • Imran Pathan

    Hello sir,

    Actually I have gastric Problem but..daily after 12 pm dysentery Problem(means Afternoon)..Pls suggest Solution??

  • sehrish

    My husband is having gastric problem since 3 weeks we concerned the doctor and he told my hubby to avoid eating dairy products strictly abandoned him for yogurt and milk. i am confused what to give him in food? i am using very little of spices in our food, i gave him red meat day before yesterday and chicken yesterday.. rice i cook everyday for him.. i also give him vegetables.. is lady finger (okra) good to give him?

  • I have problem same gastric acidity what I eat in night vegetables is not pain.

  • In morning mh upper stomach really painful…what can I do the medicine also not working…Is hot water good for gastritic ??

  • esahsis

    the medicines usually makes the situation more worse…. please stay away of medicines this is something to be dealt with your eating style and lifestyle pattern…. eat less, chew well, d’ont be under stress, ginger in morning is a must, less rice and roti… more of salad helps in digestion……

    avoid chicken, thick curd, un boiled rice ….. do walking for 30 mins two times and drink water properly………..

  • Narender kumar

    I have problem same gastric acidity in 45 years …so what I eat ?


    I am 55years old and sufferuing from constipation and gas terouble since 5 years.i used to take antacid tablets and syrup before.now i am getting pain also. can u sujest any remedies.

  • Brij

    When I lie down, I feel In my head that something is pushing my head.
    Only feel ok while sitting down.
    Vomiting…want to force and vomit but cant…
    Can’t eat food.
    Please help

  • pritam

    Hi…I am 24 years old…and I am suffering from indigestion..morning I will go for 2-3 times for stool..in morning …my stomach is not emptying for first time….I am pure vegetarian… Whenever i take dosa..dishes made from bengal gram like bajji..make me go for stool…Please suggest me..what type of food i need to follow…i take plenty of water daily…but still this gas problem exists…sometimes I go for nearly 4-5 times daily for stool…

    • @pritam: This could be due to IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Stop eating bajjis and concentrate more on chapatis and fibre diet. Consult a doctor for further action. :)


    which foods to take in gastric problem person and which foods to avoid?? please tell me to reduce gastric naturally. I have gastric problem and age is 24.

    • @RK REDDY: It varies person to person. For example, rice is good for some and bad for some. But generally, foods to avoid are – Fried Food, Processed Food, Carbonated drinks, Alcohol, Meat, Spices, Hot Chilly stuff etc. So better write a meal plan. See which suits you and avoid which gives reaction. But curd, vegetables, Soy products are good.

  • Sujit

    I m also gastric patient. When I m go to toilet in morning I havent shit good way

  • Praveen s o

    I have gastric (heart burnig) problem my age is 33 please help me home remedy for it and how I can prevent it

    • @Praveen s o: What is the nature of your job? Try some butter-milk, mint, Rice Water, Warm Lemon Water, Ginger Root Tea, Chamomile Tea etc. Also you can take some homeopathic medicine which can ease your situation.. But better mention your job nature also, so I can recommend better.

  • Roja Runghen

    My mum is 61 years old and she is suffering from gastric nearly 1 week.
    What food items to consume or not to consume.
    Mostly paining in the stomach is happen in the night around 1-3 am.

  • lavin

    Dear Sir,
    Please help me I have gastric from past 6 Months….I can’t able eat anything ..if i eat something I feel very painful like burn in my heart and i feel vomiting…so what i have to Eat,Drink and Do……?

    • @lavin: This is mostly due to acidity..Try some yogurt, buttermilk, oatmeal, ginger tea, aloe vera, salad, try banana, water-melon, fennel etc.. Same type of foods are good for some and bad for some. So try a few good acidity reducing foods and see if they help you. Otherwise, just drop them. Make a plan about your diet and see which suits you.. :)

  • Jacob Thawng

    Sir, I have stomach pain since 4 years and I was checking hospitals but still always painting last moth I was checking in Hospital and checking with Endoscopy and they said Diffuse Gastric So I don’t know what I have to do can you give Mr suggest the doctor give me some medicine but I painting always.

  • jayn

    Thanks for the information. I have learnt alot.

  • Ganesh Sonar

    I feel irritation like burn in back of stomach and moving round back portion, some times sleep disturbed in the mid night. No burning ,pain in chest. Stool two times in morning regular. Stool test reports acidic and semi digested food. I also suffered from depression in 2013. That time also gas formation and sound in stomach was one of the symptom. Is it gastric or something else. All reports like endoscopic and clonoscopic are normal. Pl. Advice remedy.
    Pls suggest me and contacts me on this no-9711131656.email-gsonar656@gmail.com


    • @Ganesh Sonar: Firstly speaking, I’m NOT a Dr. to give special advise. I’m also a patient and just a health blogger. Coming to your symptoms, you didn’t mention your nature of work. Since you had depression related problems, I’m assuming you might had stress related problems. That is also one cause for gastric. Try some yogic camps and meditation. Take diet in time. Gastric doesn’t show all the time in REPORTS. Let me know your age, diet, habits and work nature.. I’ll try to find a solution..:)

  • sudip aadhikari

    sir, i have gastric broblem since 4-5 years. soometimes its pains, and bad smell gas comes outs from mouth so, how can i safe from this broblems…

  • mojib

    Hi.my name is mojib.I am comeing from Bangladesh.
    I am suffering from gastric so much in all time.after take meal I fell so pain in my stomach .
    But I don’t know what kind of food taken by I can reduce the pain.if any body know please inform me in my email.

  • narshima murthy

    As iam suffering from gastric problem,and i couldn’t able to eat any thing,feeling vomiting sensation every if i consume any thing,iam diabetic & hyper tension patient.please give any suggestion for controlling vomiting sensation

    • b prasad

      Drink warm water in morning & avoid drinking water with food. Take a lot of water plenty as much as you can before taking of food i.e 1 hour before food.
      food should be fiber content i.e brown rice vs white rice .choose yourself oilless food vs oil food veg vs non veg

  • bhagya

    My husband has serious gas problem and his stomach is overenlarged which could be a water body,,no idea,,,but plz suggest some best ideas wat he could do ,,he is rotational night shifts ,,plz suggest

  • farhan qamar

    hi sir my wife have Gastric problem,at night time she have pain on her heart side and ribs and she also have pain in her stomach. when she eat wheat flour bread, she feels more pain, sir please tell me what kind of food she can eat.

    • @farhan qamar: Thanks for posting.. From your last sentence, I see that she looks like wheat intolerant.. Something called as “gluten” intolerance. You could search more about it on Google. So Try foods like rice, juice, butter milk, bread, apple cider vinegar etc.. Drink more water also each day.. Try some easy digestible food. Avoid spices. :)

      • farhan qamar

        thanks GOD BLESS U….

  • farhan qamar

    sir yesterday we visit the doctor we tell him all the symptoms, he said that its look like GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). doctor recommend for endoscopy and complete blood tests. actually gastric starts during her pregnancy and then doctor said that she will get recovered from this problem after delivery. from last two months she lose here weight more than 15 kg. when she eat bowled food and oats she feels better but she feels weakness and dizziness.
    we don”t want to go through endoscopy. please recommend some suitable solution for this problem.

    • @farhan qamar: First keep in mind, I’m just a health blogger and patient myself. I’m neither a doctor or an expert. But with my experience, I can suggest a few things. If the gastric pain is not continuous or permanent, you can try alternate foods, homeopathy and other alternative medicine. But if it’s constant or recurring, it’s better to do as your doctor suggests. Coming to endoscopy, most of the times it’s waste of effort and money. But if ulcers etc are present it can detect. Regarding weight loss, check for Thyroid also. Sometimes that can be a cause. I lost 15 key when I had thyroid.. :)

  • Samarjit singha

    Good morning sir
    I am working in oilfield.&working in the night only.last 06years.
    I am 100% vegetarian & also non fry foods
    &not using alcohol also.but
    I am facing the problem of acidity &gastric
    Please suggest me the suitables

    • @Samarjit singha: Do you take meals in time? Also what is the stress nature of your job? Try to maintain a meal plan and see which food causes acidity. If you are gluten intolerance, avoid wheat.. Try the BRAT diet. Also drink water atleast 5 litres per day, from time to time. Drink more juices like sweet lemon, pomegranite etc. Eat ripe bananas if possible.. :)

  • Gurpreet

    Sir i have a gestic problm last 2-3 yrs and now i feel pain in heart n headache. i cant digest anything. can you plz tell me which type of food i can prefer.

  • Dear sir,
    I have a gastric problem at last one year.
    how i will rectify this problem- Please inform us.
    Arun Kumar

  • nidhi


    I have pangastritis and on allopathic medicines im just fine. My weight is not healthy so need to reduce that. I needed your IT SKILLS to help me research which line cures gastritis….homeopathy,allopathy…..i need to get over this. Its making my life uncomfortabke.

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