Stomache Ache After Eating : Causes and Treatment

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Diet is the main culprit of many diseases for good or bad reasons. Stomach bloating can happen if you take unhealthy diet and take too much medicine.

As a child you may have eaten too many chocolates and got nasty stomach pain problems. But your body-resistance is good in those days. But as you grow older, you find that several small symptoms create worry.

Even a small mouth ulcer can make you sick. Cough and Cold are such other small symptoms. But if you observe this post on a patient forum, you observe that there are no special reasons for getting a stomach pain after eating.

For about 3-4 weeks now I have been getting a stomach ache after I eat anything and it feels like it’s progressively getting harder to handle (or I am just getting fed up with it). It doesn’t matter to seem how much I eat or what I eat I still get this stomach ache. It usually occurs about an hour/hour half after I have eaten and lasts another 2 hours before slowly stating to settle.

The answers in the post say that it can be due to IBS, duodenal ulcer, Helicobactor pylori  etc.

Stomach Pain After Eating

Image of a model depicting stomach ache

I Ate Too Much and My Stomach Hurts

6 in 10 Americans openly say that they consume more food than necessary. Thanksgiving day, Christmas, Good Friday are some of the gatherings at which you might have overly eaten. One of the examples a typical over-diet could look like this –


I had some chicken breast, mac and cheese, some eggs

ate too much stomach hurts

A typical food that causes stomach pain

and scrapple, some milk and donuts and i had two piece of chocolate cake and some m&m cookies. along with a half gallon of orange juice.

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The result from this kind of over-eating is – Stomach Ache after eating. One has to understand the mechanism when you over-eat. The food is quickly pushed into the first intestine and becomes stuck. This creates pressure on the rest of the organs. You need to wait until the food digests and then resume again.

So when you feel hungry the next-time, pace the eating habit. Eat in small proportions. Otherwise, it may screw up your natural digestive system. There are also some natural remedies when you eat too much.

Tea could be a simple remedy in disguise. Caffeine-free, Chicory-Root tea, which can settle down your mood and your stomach is often suggested by good doctors.

Eat some peppermint after a heavy meal. Peppermint naturally relieves gas, indigestion and nausea. It relaxes the opening between your stomach and esophagus. This causes the stomach acid to flow back upward and digest the overly-eaten food.

Short-walk is a mild exercise than can relieve you from pain and cramps. You would be tempted to lie on the couch, but a smooth-paced walk can mobilize your intestine. As a result, more stomach juices are produced and you will feel free.

If nothing soothes you than the best medicine is over-the-counter-antacid tablets. Antacids treat heartburn, indigestion and gas. Activated-charcoal tablets is also another alternative.  But please don’t over-do-it and consult your doctor before you use it.

23 Reasons why Stomach Pains After Eating

  1. Foods
  2. Stress
  3. Hormones
  4. Alcohol
  5. Fizzy Drinks
  6. Chocolate
  7. Tea, Coffee or Cola
  8. Processed Snacks
  9. Fatty Food
  10. Fried Food
  11. Indigestion
  12. Constipation
  13. Food allergies
  14. Food poisoning
  15. Gas
  16. Lactose Intolerance
  17. Ulcers
  18. Hernia
  19. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  20. Gallstones
  21. GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  22. Urinary tract infection
  23. Appendicitis

But the most common of causes is the food that you eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eating habits play a major role in upset stomach. Earlier causes were more generic and also some are because of IBS and abdominal plain.

Gastroenteritis, also called stomach flu, is a predominant cause  for stomach ache after eating. The gastrointestinal tract gets assaulted by viruses and other flu. This results in diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting and nausea.

Lactose intolerance is nothing but you are allergic to milk products. Lactose is one type of sugar and is mainly found in dairy products. Persons lacking an enzyme called lactose results in lactose intolerance. So if these kind of people , eat ice-creams, have tea, coffee etc have severe pain in stomach after eating or drinking them.

Ulcers are nothing but small dents in the soft lining of your intestine or stomach. Foods and Drinks which are acidic aggravate the ulcers creating stomach pain.

Celiac disease is primarily related to gluten, which is present in barley, bulgur, semolina, rye, malt and wheat etc. Consuming gluten will trigger an immune response, if you suffer from celiac disease. This response will produce inflammation which damages the lining of your small intestine, which in-turn results in severe bloating and stomach ache.

There several other such reasons for causing stomach pain after eating. But several other diseases like Diabetes, Heartburn also have an impact on aggravating this problem. Eating too much “dhal” can also cause severe stomach ache after eating.

16 Remedies for Stomach Ache after Eating

  1. Wash hands before you eat.
  2. Avoid contaminated food
  3. Avoid lactose products like milk, tea, coffee, ice-cream if you are lactose intolerant.
  4. Avoid trigger foods.
  5. Seek medical advice for ulcers
  6. Eat food that is gluten free
  7. Eat fresh meats, fruits, potatoes, vegetables, distilled liquors etc.
  8. Eat Rice, Quinoa, Tapioca, Corn, Commeal, ArrowRoot, Amarnath
  9. Drink lot of fluids and take rest (when food-poisoned)
  10. Home Remedies for IBS should be followed (if you have one)
  11. Cholecystectomy and Medications ( to dissolve gallstones in gallbladder)
  12. Stop Overeating
  13. Proper planning of meals
  14. Proper antacids can neutralize stomach acids.
  15. Maintain Healthy Weight
  16. Avoid Drinks and Foods that can cause heartburn

Ayurveda Remedies for Stomach Pain after Eating

Improper digestion is the root cause for many dis-orders of stomach ache after eating. 90% Americans suffer from digestive problems like gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, heart-burn, fatigue after eating. Maharishi Ayurveda provides simple solutions to such problems by considering not only what we eat, but how we in-take our food.

natural remedy for stomach pain

Eat jaggery after every meal, as this will reduce indigestion. Use natural home remedies like coriander leaves, butter milk and cardamom powder, lemon juice and honey, cumin seeds.

In essence, you should concentrate on healthy-food habits and avoid trigger foods when you suffer from stomach pain. If the pain doesn’t succumb even after 1 week or so, its best to see a doctor, as it may be a ulcer or cancer.

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  • Basel tamimi
    September 11, 2016

    stop overeating ??? Yeah BUT THAT IS WHAT IM TRYING TO DO IM SO SKINNY

    • September 13, 2016

      @Basel tamimi: ha ha. Ya, I know stomache has different reasons. It could be the wrong one for you. Hmm. you can try some good juices after food. Also some healthy nuts in the morning for some fat. Consult a physician and for women, there can be different reasons than men.

  • Akshay
    July 18, 2016

    Hi Sridhar

    Although this post is associated with stomachache after eating ,my son (Ishan age 6 yrs ) usually complains of stomachache at any time of the day (sometimes multiple times) even before eating and his diet is reduced since 2 months i.e earlier he used to have one parantha in meal but nowadays he has only half. When we give medication to him like Pudin hara or Meftal Spas it subsides but he complains again of stomach ache after some time.

    • July 18, 2016

      @Akshay: Hope you are doing good. Yes, Pudina is a very good natural remedy for stomach pain. But in your case, it looks like it works temporary. So are you talking about parantha or chapati. Because, parantha daily is little high in carbohydate and can cause health issues. But even eating other food items, if the tummy pain still persists, it’s a condition to be analyzed by pediatrician or physician. One suggestion I can make is let him have a ripe banana early in the morning and also convert to brown rice diet. Check for 1 week, and see if it helps. 🙂

  • May 11, 2016

    so nice work

  • Grett Birth
    February 19, 2016

    Awesome! Its truly remarkable article, I have got much clear idea about from this

  • antoinette
    January 4, 2016

    Hey so I’ve ate some spaghetti and some eggs water will happen if I wanna eat some chocolate cake will it mess my stomach up need to know ASAP

  • December 14, 2015


    Thank you for sharing this post. The 16 Remedies for Stomach Ache after Eating are very helpful for me since I am prone to stomachache. Thanks again for posting!

  • Tombo
    September 20, 2015

    Abdominal bloating,constipation and restlessness.

  • April 9, 2015

    I am 52 years working in consultant firm, I feel stomach bloating, gas problem, doctor has suggested HAPPY D. when stomach upset i feel sansation in my right leg. Please guide

    • April 25, 2015

      @K N kothari: You have not mentioned your weight and habits. For bloating problems, you can try Rabeprazole 20 mg. But drink lot of water with it. There are also other medications for gastric. But see which suits you. Stop any of the medicines, if acidity increases. Just be relaxed and do some mild walking and exercise.

  • Tohidur Rahaman
    March 5, 2015

    Good suggetion

  • Dinakar
    November 28, 2014

    Dinakar , age 42+ , working in private company,,4 month before I had stun in heart …now taking medicine …now days stomach after eating bulging with gas .. How it may control.. Kindly advise….thanks a lot

    • November 28, 2014

      @Dinakar: Sometimes due to medicine also gas is produced. Consult your doctor, before you take any antacids. If this is normal, it’ll subdue within a period of time. Take ginger tea and atleast 5 litres of water, is possible. But consult your physician first!