What are the Peptic Ulcer Symptoms in Men that Cause Worry?

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One of the most common peptic ulcer symptoms in men is the abdominal pain. A peptic ulcer is also commonly known as peptic ulcer disease (PUD). This is one of the common ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract which is usually acidic. Ulcers can also be aggravated by drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs.

Stomach ulcers come under a broader category of ulcers called the peptic ulcers. The peptic ulcer that occurs in the stomach is called stomach ulcer. Other peptic ulcers occur in duodenum ( which is present after the  stomach) and the esophagus ( food pipe ).  The most common cause of stomach ulcers is a bacteria named Heliobacter Pylori, short H.pylori.

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If properly not treated, ulcers can lead to health problems. There are several ways by which you can recover from peptic ulcers. You can make changes to lifestyle, limiting dairy, taking medication and/or undergoing surgery.

Sometimes stress and spicy food can make the symptoms of peptic ulcer worse. As said earlier the common symptom for stomach ulcer is the burning pain that develops in the centre of the abdomen.

What are the Symptoms of Peptic Ulcers?

As a general note, ulcers may or may not produce any symptoms. But if you have any of the following problem, its advisable to consult your nearest doctor.



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  • A gnawing or burning pain in the middle or upper stomach between meals or at night
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea or vomiting

In chronic cases, the symptoms could be the following:

  • Dark or black stool (due to bleeding)
  • Vomiting blood (which may look like “coffee grounds”)
  • Weight loss
  • Severe pain in the mid- to upper abdomen
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What are the Peptic Ulcer Symptoms in Men?

Sometimes peculiar symptoms which are specific to men could be because of bad lifestyles, too much caffeine, sharing of same kitchen/bathroom, when stomach cannot avoid hydrochloric acid and pepsin, suffering from arthritis, stool contamination etc.



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To help you distinguish between the normal and more specific ones in men, the following symptoms should help you.

  1. Burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen
  2. Poor appetite
  3. Vomiting and nausea
  4. Discomfort
  5. Tiredness and weakness
  6. Pain in the abdomen, hours after a meal
  7. Escalation of pain as nighttime and early morning come around
  8. Weight loss
  9. Severe condition leads to vomiting a dark kind of substance, that comes out in chunks
  10. Anemia
  11. Blood present in stool, or sticky looking feces caused as a result of bleeding ulcers
  12. Loss of energy
  13. Complications leading to bleeding, caused after an ulcer eats through muscle tissue and the duodenal wall, attacking one’s blood vessels
  14. Swelling and scarring, narrowing the intestinal opening
  15. Inflammation of the peritoneum membrane lining the abdominal cavity (peritonitis)
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As peptic ulcers sometimes do not have any specific symptoms, its always good to check with your doctor from time to time when you have abdominal pain, heartburn, and regurgitation (the sensation of acid backing up into the throat).

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  • December 24, 2014

    My dad has peptic ulcer for past more than 20 years. Now he is 55yrs.and he is controlled diabetic patient.now he has gastric pain in upper abdomen region and left side of his chest.what does thus signify?