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Digestive Problems are a preliminary indication of severe diseases like gastric cancer and ulcers. Diet has a significant role in recovery of gastro-intestinal disorders. Cassia (Cinnamon), Pomegranate Seed, Tangerine Fruit, Ginger Root, Chinese Cardamom, Black Pepper Fruit, De-Glycyrrhizinated Licroice Root (DGL), Lesser Galangal Root are some of the natural digestive aids for stomach indigestion. There [...]

Abdomen discomfort is very common in people within the age limit of 14-60 years. To prevent bloating and gas, people have to understand the underlying reasons. Severe epigastric pain can make people uncomfortable in sleeping due to the burning pain from the abdomen, chest and neck. Stomach cramps which can be caused by intestinal gas, [...]

Is apple cider vinegar good for gastritis? Apple cider vinegar is considered as an ancient “folk” remedy. The recent studies on this compound have shown positive health benefits and provides key ingredients for improving gastric problems. It gives increased energy, improves gastrointestinal health, works as an anti-fungal agent, and decreases triglyceride levels. Before we answer [...]

Medicine and Pain-killers can give temporary cure for tension headache. But natural remedies like peppermint oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, valerian root etc have excellent relieving effect, with less side-effects. Many people think that tension headache is caused by “anxiety” and “tension” alone. But do you know that, even too much light can be bad [...]

Hepatitis C Virus is a dangerous virus that causes damage to the liver! It is a virus that mainly spreads through blood and other bodily fluids from one person to another. Significantly this virus is transmitted, if a person already has this Hepatitis C in his blood. So, without taking proper care, doing blood transfusion, [...]

Gas can be caused by several reasons. It can be due to Gastritis or any other chronic illnesses. Bloating is the result of such gastric issues. When there is an inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach, many stomach and digestive problems start in kids, adults and older people. Homeopathy is used an alternative [...]

Gastritis can also cause Anemia. This is can lead to a type of Pernicious anemia. Generally, Anemia is a condition, where the body does not have enough red blood cells (RBCs), which provide oxygen to body tissues. Since oxygen is necessary for proper functioning of all parts, this condition creates other diseases. But due to gastritis [...]

If you feel like your eyes and head are spinning, then it may be “Vertigo” or “Dizziness”. Even if there is no body movement and if you feel like rotating or moving then it can be a symptom. You may also feel that the items around you are moving or rotating. One of the key organs that [...]

Do you have fatique, headache and stomach upset at the same time? If the answer is yes, gas and bloating can be one of the reasons. If the situation is chronic, you may need to consult a doctor. But most of these symptoms subside within a few hours and again start when you have a [...]

Whenever your stomach is upset, you quickly visit a doctor. More often than not the primary cause is food adulteration or excess meat. Eating fennel seeds, anise seeds, caraway seeds bananas, drinking warm lemon water etc can be some excellent natural remedies to reduce bloating. The stomach bulges in all directions and becomes unsightly in [...]

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